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Name:Kind of Kreative Endeavors
Location:United States of America
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Community description:skauble's fanfiction for Smallville and Angel the Series
Here lives (and possibly dies) all of my fanfiction. I'm putting it in a community for people who want to know when the stories update but don't want to wade through both my real life postings and those that are related to fandom but aren't fanfic. Also, this means no one has to friend me, personally, to get the updates on their reading page. Of course, if you want to friend me you're more than welcome to, but I'm not remarkably interesting. :\

Right now, I have written stories for two fandoms - Smallville and Angel the Series. I write shipper fics, so the pairing is the main point of the story for me. If you're looking for stories that are incredibly well-rounded works that pull you in with gripping plot lines and clever dialogue, then there are certainly better places to look. These stories are just to contribute to the general shipping squee out there. Expect more at your own risk.

Pairings I write for:

Chloe/Clark (coming soon)

Angel the Series
Angel/Cordelia (some of these stories are set during the BtVS earlier seasons, but I think of A/C as an AtS ship)

I'm leaving anonymous commenting on (although IP logging is still turned on) so that people who don't have an account here (or don't want to sign in with their LJ Open ID) can still comment if they feel like it. But if you use anon commenting and want me to know who you are or respond to you in some way, don't forget to sign your comment. :)
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